The Art of Everlasting Life, by Robert Coon

Know, Oh Universe, That I Love You with All the Grace, 

And with All the Power, of the Love of Messiah...

That my awareness is Eternally caressing all Forms of Reality,

Sharing this Bliss in the most Beautiful and Creative Manifestations...

Let my Heart be possessed by the Spirit of Truth!

Let my Existence be Dedicated to the enlightenment of All

Consciousness throughout the Universe! Let my Enthusiasm be a Light

Of Love and Truth for all to Feel! Oh Let my Touch

Be the Highest Manifestation for the Will Divine!

Let my every Action transform this Reality into Greater

And more Loving Perfections! Let my Body be

The Most Sacred Temple of Truth! The Omega Point is Here!

I Proclaim the Victory of Peace throughout the Universe! 

Archangels Featured on this Site



Archangel Sandalphon - Earth Star Chakra

Archangel Gabriel - Base, Sacral and Navel Chakras

Archangel Uriel - Solar Plexus Chakra

Archangel Chamuel [Shamael] - Heart Chakra

Archangel Michael - Throat Chakra*

Archangel Raphael - 3rd Eye Chakra

Archangel Jophiel - Crown Chakra

Archangel Christiel - Causal Chakra

Archangel Mariel - Soul Star Chakra

Archangel Metatron - Overseer of Planetary Ascension, Etheric Retreat over the Temple in Luxor, Egypt - Stellar Gateway,  to the temporary 12 Sub-temples of the Etheric Rays of Light, which interface with the Intergalactic Council [see Intergalactic Intel and Ascended Masters in the other sections of this website]

Archangel Zadiel - Interface with Cosmic Dragons, Violet Flame Alchemist clearing eons of negativity from the Earth's Planetary Grid system, Re-activating Human crystalline Light-body and  Atlantean/Lemurian ancient Master Crystals long buried within the Earth to aid in Ascension process. 

Archangel Joules - Associated with the Waters of the Earth.  Works closely with Poseidon, Master of Water and High Priest during Golden Era of Atlantis, The Sun and the Moon, which effect the rhythms of the tides, and all the Aquatic Kingdom, including the cosmic connection to the ascended aspects of the planets of Sirius, Neptune, Jupiter, Mars, the Pleiades, the Constellation Pisces. 

Archangel Purlimiek - Kingdom of Nature

Archangel Fhelyai - Animal Kingdom

Archangel Preminelek - Insect Kingdom

Archangel Bhokpi - Bird Kingdom

Archangel Butyalil - working with Archangel Metatron to coordinate the Ascension of Earth with the Ascension of the other 12 Universes in this sector of Creation, which is his primary role. 

Archangel Azriel - He is a Power, an Angel of the 10th Dimensional frequency. His angels are stationed at the birth and death of both Humans and Animals on this planet. His angels are also present to assist humanity with any pain they suffer, especially at birth and death, but also at significant growth processes in ones life or traumatic events, such as divorce, loss of any kind, injury which usually triggers an initiation process into higher consciousness. 

from The The Archangel Guide to Ascension, 55 Steps to the Light, by Diana Cooper and Tim Whild. please go to

[Note: The chakras detailed above, are as described by Diana Cooper, in her book with Tim Whild, The Archangel Guide to Ascension, 55 Steps to the Light, are a part of the 12 Chakra, 5th Dimensional spectrum, as arranged in the 5th Dimensional Crystalline Light-body frequencies. They stand in contrast to the more familiar, 7 Chakra Carbon-based chakras many of us have been familiar with. The perceptions represented above, of the interface of these archangels with the particular chakras are also as outlined in the book. We are being guided to share this information here on the website, although, it is different from other information we have recently distributed on our Facebook Group page, where we held a 12 day Winter Solstice Vigil highlighting the Angels of Atlantis by  Stewart Pearce.[ ] We encourage you to  use your individual guidance and discernment to determine what feels most in alignment within your perception and personal experience. The supply of information for each archangel is limitless. 


Archangel Michael, often referred to as "The Prince of Heaven, Lord of Light, Commander of Heavens Armies, and Protector of the Earth, is the most familiar and well know Archangel of all. There are many more Archangels, some known more than others. Some of these will be featured below. Michael is the great Patron Saint and protector over our Armed Forces, Emergency Services, Fire and Police personnel. He is also defender of the Children of Earth, as well as a great creator of Song, Holy Frequency and Music. He works directly with Archangel Metatron, Jesus Christ (Sananda), the Intergalactic Council of Light (Ascended Masters of Earth Wisdom, Ashtar  Command and many others involved in the Cosmic Evolution of this planet and of the 12 Universes in this sector of Creation.  He is  overseeing and protecting Earth and her occupants from the dark forces of the Universe, along with all the Legion of Light dedicated in service to the Will of the Divine Source of the All That Is. .  

A Message from Archangel Michael


Beloved Masters,

You have been living in an unreal world. A world of illusion whereby the Truth has been distorted , altered and even deleted in order to take away your God-given powers and keep you captive in a reality of fear, struggle and deprivation. The Creator’s Master Plan for this Universe is stored away within your Sacred Mind, and the Key to the Wisdom of the Ages and the ability to once again become a Master/Co-creator on the Earth Plane is stored within your Sacred Heart.

That is why we have emphasized so often the importance of removing the Protective Shield you placed over your Solar Heart Center eons ago so that you would not feel so much emotional distress. What you are not aware of is that by doing so, your radiance was greatly diminished for the inflow and outflow of Divine Creator Light from your Sacred Heart Center, [which] was also greatly decreased.

As a result, you could no longer activate the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light with pure loving intent from within your Sacred Heart. Thereafter, you had only the Half-Spectrum Primal Life-force substance to work with. Your Threefold Flame could no longer blaze forth. Therefore, your co-creative abilities to manifest were also diminished, and thus began the struggle to tap into and use your divinely bestowed attributes and talents.

You are in an era of great reversal, rectification and expansion, whereby you are being given an opportunity to harmonize all the negativity you have personally created, along with the iniquities that were forced upon you. We have explained that when you, the Starseed, began your journey out into the Great Void and the un-Manifest Universe, elaborate plans for the Pathway back into the refined Realms of Light were made and put on hold until the appropriate time and certain conditions were met. That time has arrived and the plan was activated in the early 1980’s of Earth Time. As you are aware, every phase of life for Humanity and the Earth has radically changed in the last 30 years.

Beloveds, be aware that what has occurred in the recent past is only the beginning of even greater changes. and we are endeavoring to give you techniques [and]  advanced information/teachings and every opportunity to traverse the Waves of Change with ease and Grace.

We have explained briefly, in several ways, how you refracted into smaller facets of your Divine I AM Presence in preparation to assist in the creation of the ever-denser, reduced frequency, Lower Dimensional Galaxies, Solar Systems and Planets. We have also discussed how each fragment of your Divinity then separated into 2 sparks of Light: One with feminine attributes and the other with masculine characteristics. Each one of those profound separations was accomplished within a small Pyramid of Light created expressly for that purpose. The Master Plan was fail-proof, for each time you divided your Essence, you left an etheric replica waiting for the Time of Reunification within one of the small Pyramids of Light. These personal Pyramids are scattered throughout the Universe in every Dimension and many of the sub-Dimensions.

Our Father/Mother God, the Elohim/Builders of Form and the Archangels have created Living Pyramids of Light within every level of Creation so that you could gain access to the Building Blocks of Life. These life-giving forms give access to the frequencies of Light which are necessary Components of Transformation so that you, as Human Beings, can return to a state of Higher Consciousness, your Divine State. You are in the process of reconnecting with the many facets of your Self, which are situated within the multi-levels of the 5th Dimension, and some of you have even connected with a fragment or two of your 6th Dimensional Essence.

When we speak of a Soul Merge it is not just a one-time occurrence. It is the beginning of an ongoing, wondrous and complicated process whereby each time your energetic signature reaches a certain frequency, you are reconnected with a higher facet of your Soul/Higher Self. The Pyramid that contains the etheric replica of that facet of Self moves into alignment with your Column of Light, which is your connection to your I AM Presence/God Self, and gradually the Essence of that fragment merges with your Soul Self within your Sacred Heart Center. When you reach a certain level of God Consciousness, the process is greatly accelerated and the time span between each Soul Merge is dramatically lessened.

The Law of the Circle has been initiated throughout this Universe and the energetic impact of this Grand Supreme Creator Seed Thought is now operating in full force. The Time of Expansion for this phase of Creation has come to a close, and the current Phase of the Cycle entails the Creator sending forth It’s Essence to incorporate all that has been created during this particular Cycle of Expansion. It is a merge of all the balanced, manifested essence of creation so that the Supreme Creator, the Gods and Goddesses throughout the Omni-verse and all the great Beings of Light can know and experience all that they have created. You have heard the saying many times: “ As above so below”, and this is an important truth to remember. Just as you are reclaiming all the facets of your Divinity, the same reunification process is occurring from the Supreme Creator Source outward.

The information we have given to assist you in reclaiming your co-creative abilities is a microcosmic duplication of the creative process throughout the Omni-verse. First, you must gain the ability to draw forth the Full-Spectrum Metatronic Light/Lifeforce of this Universe called Adamantine Particles, which is radiated forth into the River of Life from the Heart Core of our Father/Mother God. It becomes accessible when your energetic signature is attuned to the mid-Fourth Dimensional Level and higher. In order to take advantage of this Divine Gift, you must understand and apply the Universal Laws of Manifestation, and you must activate the Adamantine Particles of Light with your pure intention before this Essence of Light can be activated and flow forth out into the World.

To speed up the process, it is important that you have created your own personal Creator Wheel/Flower of Life Circle around you and you have filled it with your own carefully thought out and planned design for the future. Thereafter, via the Infinity Breath, your focused intention and deliberate actions the process of manifestation in the material world is greatly accelerated.

The ebb and flow of creation is never-ending. There is a Still Point Pause while the Seed Thoughts are being formed and coalesced and the Essence of Life is activated within the Mind and Heart of the Creator, and at every level of Creation, down to you, a Human Co-creator on Planet Earth. This is accomplished by infusing/activating the Seed Thoughts with Love. The Seed Thoughts are then breathed out into the Void to be manifested in the World of Form.

This process continues through each Great Cycle until it is time for the return/reunion process to begin. All creation is in the process of being incorporated into the Grand Creator’s Circle of Divine Light in anticipation of the next Great Still Point Pause and the next momentous Cycle of Expansion. This process is repeated over and over again at every level of creation within this Universe.

You are in the midst of a Cosmic Reunion process my brave friends and you will evolve in due time in one way or another. You must be aware this transformation process is a long and complex cycle. However, it can be a grand journey if you will take advantage of the Wisdom Teachings and the tools we are offering to you.

The Law of the Circle states that every new creative endeavor must begin within the Still Point of Will/Power: The Core Essence of the Creator/Co-creator. The Law of the Triangle is another component of creation. You are familiar with the Trinity Concept from your Bible: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which in actuality is the Masculine facet of God. The First Ray of Divine Will/Power and the Holy Spirit is the Mother facet of God, which has been infused with the Seed Thoughts Adamantine Particles from the Mind of the Father God. The Seed Thoughts are then activated with the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom within the Heart Core of the Mother God and then sent forth out into the Universe via the River of Life to be used by the Suns/Sons; Sons and Daughters, through the qualities, attributes and aspects of the Third Ray to create Worlds and wondrous things without end.

The Power of the Trinity has been a driving force throughout this Universe. Archangel Metatron, Lord Melchizedek and I, Archangel Michael form a Trinity of Consciousness at the Universal Level. We bear and radiate the Divine Light/Divine Wisdom/Divine Will aspects and qualities of our Father/Mother God out into this Universe. The Trinity of Consciousness is an important component of the creative Process, for you must use the attributes, qualities and aspects of the three powerful God Rays if you wish to become a successful, proficient Co-creator of Form at any level of Creation.

You, the Starseed, have joined with many groups, large and small throughout the Universe, and you have accepted special assignments, which were to be carried out as a group in various locations and at specific times. We have mentioned before that you have been encoded with time or event triggers within your Diamond Core God Cell, which have been or are activated at the designated time or when a specific part of the Grand Plan was to be initiated.

You have been a part of many Trinity Cells, which consisted of special assignments of the Highest Order. These Triads are usually composed of close Soul Companions, or souls who have had many special assignments together in the past and will also come together in the future. Groups of 3, 9 and 12 are joining together more and more often during these Times of Reunion, and this will occur even more often in the future.

Are you ready to expand your vision beyond your private little world, or microcosmic reality? Are you ready and willing to accept the Truth that you affect everyone and everything in this Universe to one degree or another, and that everyone on Earth and every other Realm also affect you? We ask each of you: Are you ready to receive the wondrous gifts that are your Divine Birthright? What will be your legacy to Humanity and the World?

Reach for the stars, Beloveds. There is no limit to what you can manifest when your visions are in Harmony with the Divine Plan for the greatest good of all. Call on us and we will assist you in bolstering your resolve. Know that we are ever near to inspire, guide and protect you, and to radiate to you the Love of our Father/Mother God.

I AM Archangel Michael

(originally appeared on The Spirit of Life - YouTube channel)  Click the link attached to the Circle and Triangle image above to hear the most recent YouTube transmission of this article from the "Spiritual Life" channel.