Atlantis and Lemuria

The Fall of Atlantis

and the Atlantean Use of Crystals

Atlantis was the most highly evolved technological civilization ever on the planet, and like many great patriarchal civilizations throughout time, the lust for power, greed and control over others is what led to it's eventual self-destruction and fall. One of the most respected divine transmissions of our time is linked to the adjacent photo, Archangel Metatron speaking through James Tyberonn.

Click the photo of Atlantis (left) - to be directed to this high-frequency document  to learn more the details of the Fall, what became of the beautiful Master Temple Crystals of Atlantis and how they are interacting with the Crystalline Grid of the Earth for the Great Return of Golden Atlantis. 

The Disappearance of Lemuria

Mu, more commonly referred to as Lemuria, was one of the first civilizations to appear on the planet. The nature of this civilization  in its early days was matriarchal and consisted of high frequency etheric, or angelic beings descending into the third dimensional density of this planet from the higher realms. According to some archaeological facts, legends and divinely imparted information, it disappeared as a result of a great flood,  which according to the channeled material, resulted from nuclear war with Atlantis. Click on the photo to the left for more information on the history of Lemuria and how it thrives both in the higher dimensions of Earth today and within the Agarthan, Inner Earth communities. Click the adjacent phtoo for Adama of Telos [King] speaking through Aurelia Louise Jones,

Earth Changes and Cosmic Assistance

The ancient holy texts, monuments and sacred sites across the world are heavily bestowed with energetic frequency and symbology representing higher sources as guides for humanity. The Cosmic Plan for the Ascension of Planet Earth has been written and documented since ancient times, and is in the process of being implemented currently in our lifetimes. In more modern times, Its coming has been documented since the early part of the 20th century, some of which is described in the well known Urantia Book [c.1934]. More recently, at the end of the 20th century up until today, we have an ongoing supply of information coming in through multiple cosmic sources, which is being distributed throughout many social platforms and print media. The accompanying photo captures this phenomenon in a beautiful way. Click on the photo and open the door to a mind-bending journey into the Cosmic Plan for Humanity and our New Earth. Start with Book II entitled "THE EARTH CHANGES" for a status of what is happening in our world today, You can move back in time to Book I entitled "THE HIGHER KNOWLEDGE" to understand who we are as a species, or forward to Book III entitled "LIFE IN THE NEW AGE" for a glimpse into the future of our Planet and her inhabitants.


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