Intergalactic Council

The Intergalactic Council*

1. Master Marko - Head of Inter-Universal Technology

2. Commander Ashtar - 7th Dimensional Commander of the Intergalactic Fleet [in service to the Forces of Light]

3. Lord Hilarion -Master of the 5th Orange Flame/Ray of Technology and Service  [formerly identified as Ascended Master of the Fifth (Green) Flame/Ray,  with Lady Pallas Athena, Fifth Ray of Truth and Healing]

4. St. Germain - Lord of Civilization, Ascended Keeper of the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame, Seventh Ray [formerly identified as Ascended Master of the 7th (Purple/Violet) Flame/Ray, with Lady Portia, Seventh Ray of Alchemy and Transmutation ]

5. Jesus [Christ] - 9th Dimensional Bringer of Comic Love [formerly identified as Ascended Master Jesus/Sananda of the Gold/Violet Flame/Ray,  with Lady Nada [Mary Magdalene]. Holds the vision of Unified Love for our collective Ascension.

6. Quan Yin - Ascended Master, 6th Flame/Ray of Service

7. Lord Kuthumi - World Teacher of the Inner Planes. Works with Hollow Earth and teaching of world leaders; works with  and Archangel Jophiel. 

8. El Morya - Ascended Master of the First [Blue] Flame/Ray of Divine Will, working with Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith in balancing masculine and feminine energies across the planet and assisting  with Humanity's evolution into higher consciousness, the Ascension. 

9. Serapis Bey - Ascended Master of the Fourth [White] Flame/Ray of Harmony and Balance [a/k/a Purity], and Keeper of the White Ascension Flame of Atlantis. He  is working with Archangel Gabriel and Lord Maitreya overseeing Ascension throughout the universes and the various White Brotherhoods throughout them. 

10. Paul the Venetian - Ascended Master of the Third [Pink] Flame/Ray of Creativity and Artistic Expression, works with writers, artists and all "creative initiators" who are open to working with the pure essence of this energy to manifest the visions of New Earth into form.

11. Mary Magdalene/Lady Nada - 9th Dimensional Bringer of Cosmic Love [Twin Flame of  Jesus Christ noted above], working with Archangel Uriel and Lady Portia, Goddess of Justice [Twin Flame of St. Germain noted above], with continued emphasis on service to Earth. Holds the vision of Unified Love for our collective Ascension. 

12. Lord Maitreya - [also The Melchiezedek Brotherhood- our guidance] Master of the Great White Brotherhood[s} of the Universe]. Holds the vision of peace, works with the Unicorns and Archangel Christiel. 

[Note: The information detailed aboveis as described by Diana Cooper, in her book with Tim Whild, The Archangel Guide to Ascension, 55 Steps to the Light, which can be purchased at We recommend that you use your individual guidance and discernment to determine what feels most in alignment with your perception. ]

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