Our Cosmic Origin - Ismael Perez


INTERVIEW #1 - General Discussion 

Conducted 7/5/22


Conducted 7/17/22

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After thoroughly reading Ismael's first edition of Our Cosmic Origin, I had many questions. I thought perhaps the book had been channeled and that was why some parts of it seemed incongruent, yet the train of thought was sharp and clearly this information was genuine.  Mary was also intrigued and had a tiny YouTube channel at the time. She asked me to reach out to Ismael and see if he would do an interview. To our surprise he answered graciously in the affirmative, and even came back for a second interview. I wrote the first interview outline based on the main concepts discussed in the book because it was too soon to ask specific questions, given the colossal breadth, depth and range of the information. I also conducted massive research into The Urantia Papers and Jesus and the Essenes by Dolores Cannon as I was assimilating the information from Ismael's book for the interview.

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This interview was purely based on the questions we had received from the YouTube viewers on Mary's channel Glimpsing Beyond. I compiled the questions to the best of my ability and grouped them together by topic to be asked quickly and succinctly. The topics were on the Solar Flash, 5D Living, Ascension Health, Twin Flames, Star Races, Dimension Levels and where we come from as Starseeds, Super Soldier Programs, etc. Unfortunately, one of the questions had to do with Ismael's opposing opinions to Ms. Elena Danaan, regarding Enki and Enlil, the sons of Nibiruan Annunaki God/Visitor Anu. Ismael's reaction was shocking, and was not foreseen. It unwittingly cast a negative shadow over this interview and I apologize for any uncomfortability anyone may have experienced. However, Ismael has his reasons for believing this situation. Even if I could edit it out, it doesn't matter, because people have copied it and uploaded it without my permission, and it is out there. I was it's creator. Each of us is responsible to discern all information.  So I am posting it here and the other video here. At least the quality is good. 

Topic Breakdown: (under construction)

More Interviews Planned


I will be interviewing Ismael later this month and am developing a series of topics for future interview scheduling. 

More to Come

  • Summary of creation and meanings of the 12 Sub-Universes of Orvonton, the Solar Planes and Deities, from the Book/Course; Chakra Dimensions/Levels: their meanings, color frequencies 
  • Summary of the Cosmic History from the Book/Course - The Battle Between the Forces of Darkness and Light